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Bottom Line advisors are dedicated to providing the best individual college counseling services. We understand that applying to college can be overwhelming, but the one-on-one advising that we provide will give you the time and attention you need to navigate this process in our College Access program.

Get In Services

  • Create a College Match List
  • Research College Matches
  • Narrow Down College Options
  • Evaluate College Options
  • Develop a Personalized Application Plan
  • Brainstorm Application Essays
  • Revise Application Essays
  • Edit Application Essays
  • Complete College Applications
  • Get Application Fee Waivers
  • Search for Scholarships
  • Arrange for Campus Visits / Interviews
  • Prepare for Financial Aid Process
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Complete the CSS Profile
  • Complete School Financial Aid Forms
  • Follow Through with Financial Aid Offices
  • Analyze Financial Aid Packages
  • Commit to a College
  • Transitional Services and College Success
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FAQs - Get In Services

Create a College Match List

Our advisors help you decide what you are looking for in a college and guide you through preparation of a "Beginning List" of schools that match your interests. Typical first lists include 15 to 20 colleges. 

Research College Matches

Your advisor will guide you through an intensive research process, pushing you to take responsibility for learning about your college options. You will learn where to get good information, what to look for, and how to determine if a school is good match for you. 

Narrow Down College Options

Our staff is able to offer feedback on college research and help you come up with a "Top Ten List" that offers responsible options and ensures that you have at least one "safety" school and one affordable school on your list. 

Evaluate College Options

Bottom Line has many years of college admissions experience, so we are able to provide reliable and realistic feedback on college lists. We are up-front and honest. We tell you what your admission chances are at all schools on your list. 

Develop a Personalized College Application Plan

You will learn to identify and organize all the tasks involved in completing college applications; requesting applications, setting personal deadlines, getting recommendations, requesting fee waivers, writing & editing essays, filling out forms, visiting colleges, registering for and sending test scores, and more. 


Brainstorm Application Essays

Bottom Line will assist you with the most intimidating part of the application: brainstorming a good essay topic and outlining an essay is crucial for a successful application experience. 


Revise Application Essays

We work with you to revise a rough draft of the application essay. Our revision work focuses on improving the essay organization, content, and writing style. Success here leads to an improved second draft of the essay. 


Edit Application Essays

This is the final piece of completing your college essay. Finishing touches focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All final drafts are reviewed carefully before getting the Bottom Line "stamp of approval." 


Complete College Applications

Bottom Line reviews each school's application with you, helps you complete application forms, compile application inserts, and submit applications to colleges. We will help you complete and mail all of your applications by January 1st. 


Get Application Fee Waivers

Bottom Line has many connections to colleges throughout New England that waive the fee for Bottom Line participants, so depending on which schools you apply to, you may not have to pay the college application fees. 


Search for Scholarships

You will learn how to identify opportunities, request applications, and apply for scholarships. You also have access to Bottom Line's Scholarship Guide and numerous other scholarship resources. 


Arrange for Campus Visits / Interviews

Bottom Line acts as an advocate for you throughout the admission process. Your advisor provides assistance with lining up campus visits to schools throughout the state, region, and country. If necessary, we will prepare you for and arrange admission or alumni interviews. 

Prepare for Financial Aid Process

Your advisor will help you get ready early for the overwhelming financial aid process. We will help you gather the correct tax forms, register for a Federal Student Aid ID, create a financial aid timeline, register for the CSS Profile if necessary, and identify which colleges on your list require special financial aid forms. 


Complete the FAFSA

Bottom Line helps you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to school deadlines. Completing this application early and accurately is the key to getting financial aid from the government for college. 


Complete the CSS Profile

If necessary, we will help you complete a private school financial aid application called the CSS Profile. While this application is only required by small percentage of schools, it is complicated and can be confusing. 

Complete School Financial Aid Forms

Our staff ensures that you complete necessary school-specific financial aid forms. Bottom Line knows which schools require additional forms and helps students complete them in a timely manner. 


Follow Through with Financial Aid Offices

Bottom Line helps you deal with the paperwork that financial aid offices require before distributing financial resources. We will help you update tax information, complete verification forms, write appeal letters, and complete all necessary paperwork to ensure that you will qualify for as much financial assistance as possible. 


Analyze Financial Aid Packages

Once you get accepted to colleges, your advisor will review, explain, and compare financial aid packages from your schools. This process helps you understand which schools are most affordable. 


Commit to a College

You will get accepted to college! In fact you will probably have several to choose from. We will give you advice about which college is the right choice. When you decide, your advisor will help send in enrollment & housing deposits, and register for orientation programs. 

But wait, there's more... Transitional Services and College Success

Simply getting into college is not enough. We know that your ultimate goal is to get a college degree. That's why we help students who attend our target schools for up to 6 years while they work to earn their degrees. Learn more about how we help college students>>