Bottom Line helps first-generation-to-college students from low-income backgrounds get to and through college. We are committed to building strong connections with our students, providing them with individual support, and ensuring they have the guidance they need to persist and earn a college degree.

Why our services are unique

  • Students receive personalized one-on-one guidance and mentoring 
  • We support students starting senior year of high school and continue throughout college for up to six years
  • We utilize a proprietary curriculum focused on four key areas critical to college success
  • By providing long-term and personalized support in college, our students are 43 percentage points more likely to earn a degree than their peers
  • Over 76% of the three most recent cohorts of Bottom Line students earned their degree in six years or less

College Access

High School seniors receive one-on-one guidance from their Bottom Line advisor throughout the college application and decision process.  Students have the support and the experienced guidance they require to make a smart decision about attending college. Learn more about our College Access Program.

College Success

College students receive personalized on-campus guidance and support based on our DEAL rubric for up to 6 years or until they graduate.  This tailored guidance ensures that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles, persist, and eventually graduate with a career plan in place. Learn more about our College Success Program.

Bluprint Program

Bluprint is offered within Bottom Line’s College Success model. For college students who are not enrolled in a college that partners with Bottom Line, we offer a hybrid advising program to provide support to students throughout their college journey. Learn more about our Bluprint Program.