Bottom Line was founded to partner with degree-aspiring students from low-income backgrounds who will be the first in their families to graduate from college. The key to building authentic partnerships is providing one-on-one mentoring and support. We have spent over 25 years taking that simple but extremely effective idea and building on it, expanding it, and improving it. Please consider getting involved with or donation to Bottom Line and providing us with the means to keep our programs strong and growing.

One person can make a huge difference for youth in our community. Whether you're interested in spreading the word, walking or running for Bottom Line, or helping students start their careers, we are looking for you! Join Bottom Line and help students graduate from college.  Here are several ways you can help:

As an Individual

Bottom Line is leading the effort to ensure that low-income first-generation students have the support they need to graduate from college, but we can't do it without you!

Through Your Company

Help Bottom Line develop a strong, educated workforce and gain access to talented, young, and diverse college students and graduates.

As an Alumnus

Join a growing list of Bottom Line alumni living across the country. Learn about ways to stay in touch, give back to Bottom Line and continue expanding your network.