College Support

Bottom Line's College Success Program serves students from their first day of college until graduation day. Through campus visits, phone calls, emails, cards, care packages, and events, we provide what it takes to guide you through college.

Our advisors support college students at a select group of colleges, which we call Target Colleges. Our College Success Program is designed to help you stay on track to graduate by advising you in four areas, which we call DEAL: Degree, Employability, Affordability, and Life. 


 Degree Good academic decisions and preparation are essential to success.  Bottom Line will help you perform well in class and stay on track to graduate.
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Employability You'll need good experience to get a job after college. Bottom Line will help you find jobs and internships and develop important professional skills.
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Affordability Money matters, too! Bottom Line will make sure that you can pay for school. We'll help you get financial aid and scholarships, and avoid excessive debt.
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Life College comes with many challenges. That's why Bottom Line will always be here for you, no matter what. We'll remind you that we're here through campus visits, cards, care packages, and phone calls.
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