In July 2011, Bottom Line opened our Downtown Brooklyn office, steadily growing to support thousands of degree-aspiring students from under-resourced backgrounds on their path to a college degree. We serve students from all five boroughs, including over 1,700 college students at 21 colleges across the state. Bottom Line fills a gaping hole in the suite of college-focused programs in New York City by focusing on the successful completion of college in addition to college access, transforming students’ career prospects and, ultimately, their futures.

Bottom Line was founded in 1997 as a small nonprofit supporting 25 high school seniors in Boston. Our organization has grown dramatically over the last 25 years and now serves over 7,000 students across Massachusetts, New York, Chicago, and Ohio with the shared goal of all of our students getting into college, graduating, and going far in life. With sustainable growth, our vision is to transform urban communities by producing thousands of career-ready college graduates who are breaking the cycle of poverty. Our trained Advisors deliver intensive, one-on-one advising and support from college application all the way through college graduation.

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