Scholarship Tips and Starting Points

Keep in mind that private scholarships will make up the smallest percentage of your financial aid package. The US Department of Education reports that only 4% of undergraduates receive a private scholarship and the average award is $1,600.

Tips for Finding Scholarships

1. Check out Bottom Line's Scholarship List! 
Bottom Line has compiled a list of local scholarships to help you narrow your search. We have also prepared a sheet to help you keep track of the ones you choose to apply for.

2. Check with people who know you best. 

  • Check with your guidance counselor. Your school may award scholarships specifically to members of the senior class. They will also know about scholarships that are designated for students who attend local schools.
  • Check with your church, your job, and any other community organizations with which you are involved. Community organizations and/or employers sometimes have scholarships.
  • Check the newspaper. Occasionally organizations will announce scholarships in the local newspapers.
  • Check with admission and/or financial aid offices at the colleges and universities to which you are applying. Often, colleges and universities have scholarships specifically for their students.

3. Take advantage of the Internet. 
You can find a TREMENDOUS amount of information on the internet, but, keep in mind that everyone in the world can find the same information. Find the scholarships for which you are most qualified. Here are some websites to check out:

4. Apply for the scholarships that seem to be a good match. 
Tips for Scholarships Applications:

  • Apply only if you are eligible.
  • Read and follow all instructions.
  • Submit a clean and neat application.
  • Be sure to send in the completed application by the deadline!