Bottom Line works with partners from various sectors across all five boroughs of New York City. Bottom Line relies on a wide array of support and collaboration ranging from local school districts and community-based organizations to colleges, universities and corporate partners.

We are pleased to work with these important Bottom Line Partners in New York:

  • Altman Foundation
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation
  • The City College of New York
  • Charles Hayden Foundation
  • Gerstner Family Foundation
  • Graduate NYC / College Completion Innovation Fund
  • The Heckscher Foundation for Children
  • The Jeffrey H. and Shari L. Aronson Family Foundation
  • JPMorgan Chase Foundation
  • Maverick Capital Foundation
  • The Price Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Robin Hood Foundation
  • Student Sponsor Partners / PIMCO Foundation
  • Tiger Foundation
  • Tortora Sillcox Family Foundation
  • Young Women's Leadership Network / The College Bound Initiative (CBI)

Join us as we celebrate
Bottom Line’s 8th Annual New York Spring Benefit

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