The past few weeks have seen an enormous number of changes in every aspect of our lives. Physical distancing and remote schooling, while necessary measures for community safety, have elevated the lack of resources our students face, created new challenges for our recently graduated alumni, and changed how our team works.

We've created an opportunity to lift our students', team's, and alumni's voices to share how their lives and work are being impacted. Hear directly from members of Bottom Line below. 


Featured Writers

Sabrina, Harold Washington College
Class of 2020
Last Updated 12/22

YoussefClass of 2020 
Last Updated: 7/31

Maysaa, University of Illinois at Chicago
Class of 2021
Last Updated 12/23

Occasional Contributors

Niezum, Baruch College
Class of 2022
Last Updated: 4/30

PamelaClass of 2020
Last Updated: 5/8

Katia, University Of Illinois at Chicago
Class of 2022
Last Updated: 9/9

GabeClass of 2020
Last Updated: 6/1

Sam, Success Advisor
Last Updated: 5/8

Priscila, Class of 2020
Last Updated: 6/30

Le, UMASS Amherst
Class of 2021
Last Updated: 7/9
Elizanena, University of Illinois at Chicago
Class of 2022
Last Update: 6/30

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