For 20 years, Bottom Line has been a solution for the organization that wants to increase their community presence, identify new sources of young and diverse talent, and work with a program that is changing the community for the better. Partnering with Bottom Line on one or more of the opportunities below will benefit your organization and the students whom we support.

Career Program

Bottom Line supports more than 1,000 college students with majors ranging from Accounting to Biology to Civil Engineering. We partner with a diverse group of companies who hire our students as paid interns over the summer. Bottom Line supports thousands of college students with majors ranging from Accounting to Biology to Marketing to Civil Engineering and more. We partner with companies to connect our students and graduates to internship and full-time hiring opportunities. Bottom Line is providing hundreds of companies with a pipeline of qualified, diverse talent while helping our students begin their careers by gaining meaningful work experience.  

  • Our program is designed to be flexible to meet your needs
  • We have experience working with HR staff to create an internship program to meet your needs
  • If you have a structured internship program, we can simply provide the resumes of students who we believe would succeed in your company
  • We are also interested in companies that offer part-time paid opportunities throughout the school year

In-Kind Donations

We welcome in-kind donations as well as financial contributions. We hold two auctions annually, send care packages to our college students every semester, and provide snacks and gifts to students when visiting them on campus. If your company is able to support one of these activities, you can directly support the students in our program. Local companies have also offered group dinners or blocks of tickets to local events (movies, sporting events, shows) so we can reward students for their hard work. If you have an idea for something that your company can contribute, let us know.

Employee Volunteers

Of course, the most valuable part of any company is its people. We are interested in working with organizations who would like to get their staff involved. Here are a few of the established volunteer opportunities where we rely on the generosity and expertise of volunteers:

  • Mock Interviewers and Resume Reviewers at hosted Career Events or "Go Far" Forums
  • Leadership Committee Members for Fundraising Events
  • Auction Committee Volunteers
  • Go Far Volunteers, who provide students with mock or informational interviews year-round