Your Resume

During your time as a Success student, Bottom Line will help you update your resume on a regular basis and keep it on file for you at our office.

Why Your Resume Matters

  • Bottom Line regularly receives requests from companies looking to hire Bottom Line students. We need to have your resume on file in case you are a candidate for one of these positions.
  • Job opportunities pop up all the time! Potential employers will often say, "Just send me your resume," or you might find an opportunity that you're interested in. It's important to be prepared!
  • Your college regularly has job and internship events. You should have an updated resume to use at these events.
  • Bottom Line's Go Far Forum attracts many employers who collect resumes from our students.

How to Create a Resume 

To create your first resume, Bottom Line recommends that students check out the Anatomy of a Resume (see link to right) and look through the Sample Resume Examples and find one that seems to fit your level of experience: have you had only a few jobs, or do you have tons of relevant work experience?

Once you have an understanding of what should go on your resume, you can use our Building a Resume from Scratch tool to organize your information before putting it into a resume format. Once you think your resume is ready to go, you need to edit it. Print it out, and go through it slowly, line by line. (It may seem boring, but your resume needs to be mistake-free!).

Once you think it's ready to go, email it to your Bottom Line advisor for one final look!

Helpful Documents