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Discover Bottom Line’s Learning Labs, offering transformative and researched backed training opportunities for professionals dedicated to empowering first-generation low-income (FGLI) students in their college journeys. Our College Access Learning Labs (CALL) Foundation series accelerates organizations’ missions by providing effective strategies for guiding students through the college application and admissions process, ensuring impactful outcomes through empathetic methodology and proven results grounded in our LEAD model. Our College Success Learning Labs (CSLL) Foundation series equips participants with actionable tools to support students academically and persist towards graduation utilizing our student-centered DEAL framework. With over twenty-five years of thought leadership, both Bottom Line’s LEAD and DEAL curricula are supported by rigorous Randomized Control Trial (RCT) research that shows Bottom Line’s impacts are consist across time, Advisor, and student characteristics.  


College Access Foundation Series: Accelerate Your Impact 

Through a blend of online courses and interactive live virtual sessions, with the CALL Foundation series your team will gain actionable tools and strategies, and connect with peers. Our proven methodology ensures your team will make a real impact on students’ lives. Empower students throughout the college application and admissions process with our LEAD model: Lists, Essays, Applications and Aid, and Decisions. With personalized guidance, aid application assistance, and decision-making support, equip your team to comprehensively navigate the complex landscape of college admissions while prioritizing affordability every step of the way. Additionally, our approach is validated by a rigorous RCT. 


College Success Foundation Series: Guiding Students to Graduation 

With CSLL Foundation series, your team can champion college persistence of first-generation low-income (FGLI) students towards graduation and career readiness. This comprehensive offering blends online modules with interactive live virtual sessions, providing participants with a multifaceted learning experience. Rooted in robust RCT research, our student-centric approach ensures a proven impact, while our proprietary DEAL framework, guiding Degree progress and intervention, Employability skills, Affordability solutions, and Life balance, fosters holistic growth and achievement.   


Compare Our Programs  


College Access Foundation Series 

College Success Foundation Series 

Target Audience 

Professionals guiding students to college 

Professionals supporting student persistence and success 


Effective college access strategies 

Actionable tools for student success 

Program Highlights 

Online courses, live virtual sessions, networking 

Online courses, live virtual sessions, networking 

Final Project 

Completed Participant Guide 

Completed Participant Guide 

Investment Benefits 

Empower students to realize their college dreams with proven strategies  

Enhance professional development and career growth by earning a Certificate of Completion to bolster resumes and professional profiles  

Gain life-time access to exclusive online courses and resources for ongoing learning and growth 

Partner with students on their journey to become career-ready graduates with empowering tools 

Expand skillset and expertise through tailored professional development opportunities  

Access to a supportive community of like-minded professionals for networking and collaboration


Partnering with NCCEP 

Bottom Line proudly partners with the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) to enhance our mission of partnering with FGLI students. Organizations affiliated with NCCEP as GEAR UP grantees can self-identify for special membership benefits.  


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