Executive Director, Ohio

James Cosby received his undergraduate degree in Communication from Denison University (BA) and his Master’s degree in College Counseling and Student Development from Virginia Commonwealth University. Early in James’ career, he worked as a Hall Director at multiple colleges, including Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and Xavier University. James moved on to work in Financial Aid at the University of Dayton. He transitioned to the Modern College of Art and Design as the Housing Director and lead Admissions Specialist. James created and operationalized the housing system at The Modern College of Design. He would later work as the Senior Financial Aid Officer at Central State University.

Most recently, James was the Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Preschool Promise. He implemented the Scholars Pathway program, a scholarship program for preschool teachers. He built an internship program for Dayton-area high school students to work in local Preschools and built a program to help Black teachers in Montgomery County pass their Licensure (OAE) tests. James has a 14-year-old son, and a 4-year daughter. He is also a beleaguered Cleveland Browns fan and enjoys watching Anime with his son. 

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