Greg Johnson, Executive Director, CEO, Chief Operating Officer

Capturing Greg’s contributions to Bottom Line is an enormous task. While he serves today as our Chief Operating Officer, he came to Bottom Line as the Executive Director of a, then, regional program in Boston. Over the next ten years, he grew Bottom Line into a national organization, expanding to three cities, and became our first Chief Executive Officer. 

“My life has been enriched over the years with the opportunity to meet so many incredible students who have become college graduates and successful leaders – paving the way for others. I am hopeful that we have helped them as much as they have taught me about hard work and persistence,” said Greg Johnson.

When Greg stepped into the Bottom Line office for the first time in 2003, he had no idea of the rapid growth the organization would have. From four staff to 150. Four hundred students to 7,000 annually. Forty-five college graduates to 2,480 and counting. Maintaining a high-quality program through all of that growth was always Greg’s intention, and he worked rigorously with others to achieve that.

“Because of Greg, Bottom Line serves thousands of students each year. Because of Greg, Bottom Line’s model is both going through and standing up to rigorous evaluation. And, because of Greg, I connected to Bottom Line,” said Steve Colón, CEO.

Thank you for the past 15 years, Greg. We look forward to hearing what comes next.