Everyone at Bottom Line has a direct impact on the organization's success and the communities in which we serve.

Direct Service Staff

In their first year, all Advisors focus on learning the Bottom Line curriculum, building relationships with students and staff, serving their caseload of students, and mastering Bottom Line Advisor Competencies. Returning Advisors may take on additional responsibilities, including relationship-building with community partners, schools, and universities, student outreach and recruitment, program event planning, resource development and professional skill-building.

  • College Access Advisors provide one-on-one advising to a caseload of approximately 60 high school seniors. Access Advisors help students identify college options, write application essays, submit applications, complete financial aid requirements, analyze acceptances and award packages, and choose a college.
  • College Success Advisors support a caseload of approximately 85 college students at 2-3 college campuses. Success Advisors provide one-on-one academic, financial, personal, and career advising.
  • Career Advisors coach a caseload of approximately 95 college juniors and seniors. Career Advisors support students in their career exploration and career planning. Career Advisors also provide academic, financial and personal advising.

Development and Administration

Development and Admin staff in each region lead the day-to-day operations, fundraising, event planning, and marketing; they also pilot program innovations and drive continued growth of the region.

National Team

The National Team leads the organization's strategic growth. National Program staff set program goals, lead curriculum innovations, and develop staff training. National Operations staff manage Operations, Human Resources, and Finance functions for the entire organization. National Development staff ensures that Bottom Line has the resources to grow in a sustainable way.

Why do you work at Bottom Line?

Comments from a recent staff survey:

  • "The organization's growth since I started several years ago has been incredible!"
  • "I truly enjoy the people that I work with every day."
  • "I feel strongly motivated by the vision statement and the work I have been doing with my students.
     I also feel supported by my fellow Bottom Liners, and I can foresee possibility for advancement."
  • "I think the problems we're trying to solve are important to the country's future."
  • "My co-workers motivate me to be better every day."