Changing the Future for Each Student We Serve

The core of our program lies in the one-on-one relationships our counselors develop with each student. Bottom Line counselors act as advisors, mentors, and coaches to our students. In high school, the college application process can be daunting, especially if you are the first person in your family to attend college. Bottom Line offers students personalized one-on-one support to help research schools, write essays, and apply for financial aid. We then work closely with students to review acceptances and awards so that they can make the right choice about where to go to college. In college, our counselors visit students monthly on campus and stay in regular contact with them throughout the year. This continuity ensures that counselors can anticipate and resolve issues as they arise. Counselors help students stay on track with their classes, build their professional skills so they are ready to enter the workforce after graduation, maintain their financial aid, and deal with any obstacles they may face.

You Can Be the One to Help a Student Succeed

By sponsoring a student, you can make a direct investment in your student's life and future. Armed with a college degree, our graduates obtain higher paying jobs, build fulfilling careers, care for their families, and revitalize their communities.

A one-year sponsorship at $1,500 can provide a full year of Bottom Line's services to help ensure that a student persists in college and ultimately graduates. You can help provide Bottom Line's support for up to six years (a student's entire college career) with a $6,000 sponsorship.  Sponsor a student >>