Dave Manuel MonizVice President of External Affairs

Dave has spent two decades building coalitions dedicated to counseling, teaching, and serving lower-income and first-generation college students. He has worked with individual families, school districts, state agencies, and corporate sponsors to tackle educational equality as both a social justice issue and an economic imperative.

As the first in his family to graduate from college, Dave uses personal experience, hard data, and relationships with diverse stakeholders to remove systemic barriers that prevent driven, motivated students from achieving college degrees. He has designed and implemented statewide initiatives to improve the quality of support delivered by high school teachers and counselors in multiple states.

Dave served as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Plexuss and as a member of the senior leadership team in the College Board’s Western Regional Office prior to joining Bottom Line. In these roles, he created partnerships with hundreds of universities and provided free resources that helped millions of students prepare for successful transitions from high school to university.

At the University of Southern California, where Dave received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English, he prepared inner-city students for college as a volunteer in the Neighborhood Academic Initiative. Dave later led curriculum development and created instructor training programs at Sylvan Learning that ultimately prepared 10,000 students each year for college entrance exams.

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