What does Alumni Engagement
mean to you?

Bottom Line has instituted a National Alumni Board to foster greater meaningful engagement between the organization and our alumni. There are currently over 1,600 Bottom Line alumni and, based on current class sizes, we are projecting exponential growth in the coming years. To help represent and empower our quickly growing alumni community, the National Alumni Board seeks to maintain the strong bond that is formed between Bottom Line and its students. In doing so, we aspire to create a network of supporters with intimate knowledge of the experiences and challenges our students face in order to encourage community advancement and success after college.
The current Alumni Board is composed of 16 members. Thank you to the alumni listed below who have volunteered their time and energy to advance our work.

2016–2017 National Alumni Board

Marquisa Gaines (Chair of the Board)
Lili Wondwossen (Chair of the Development & Events Committee)
Shaquille Bent (Co-Chair of the Governance & Outreach Committee)
Stephanie Simmons (Co-Chair of the Governance & Outreach Committee)
Daniel Figueiredo
Jamal Grant
Melissa Peña
Cristina Rodrigues
Yaritza Peña
Makesha Uditnarain
Mirna Portillo
Grace Tan
Edwin Gonzalez
Lyncy Ha
Saul Garcia
Jismaly Mejia 
The Alumni Board is not currently accepting membership applications.



We want to know what alumni opportunities you would find meaningful and engaging; whether that's attending an event or volunteering your time to give back. To share your ideas, update your contact information, indicate interest in the alumni board, or re-engage with Bottom Line, please click here or email our alumni board.