Success Program

Through our College Success Program, Bottom Line provides guidance to students who enroll in commonly attended regional colleges. College students are advised and mentored on campus for up to 6 years. The purpose of this innovative program is to ensure that our students have the support they need to earn a degree. Our support focuses on academic, financial, career, and personal challenges - the main causes of students leaving school. Students who participate in our Success Program graduate within 6 years at rates up to 43% higher than students who receive support only with college applications.

Our Model

Transition to College

To prepare incoming freshmen to succeed in college, Bottom Line provides transitional programming each summer for our new class of soon-to-be college students. From reviewing how to read a college syllabus to talking about life on a college campus, we try to get our students ready to begin pursuing a degree. Our transition program includes:

  • group workshops on college academics and college culture
  • events, such as our Success Send-Off, where our students can get to know each other
  • assistance with enrollment, housing, class registration, and more
  • financial aid advising
  • general problem solving, as needed

Support in College

As students work toward their degrees, Bottom Line serves as their financial aid advocate, academic advisor, career counselor, mentor, and more. Our model is designed to help students in four areas, which we call DEAL:





Select a suitable major

Secure internships and part-time jobs

Renew scholarships and financial aid

Stay connected through monthly campus visits and frequent calls and emails

Assess credits to
track progress

Write and update resume and cover letter

Determine how to pay balances

Stay positive with cards and care packages

Interpret syllabi to succeed in class

Connect with Bottom Line internship partners

Resolve problems with bills

Stay determined to work hard and achieve goals

Identify strategies to improve performance

Build a unique professional "brand"

Assess loan debt

Resolve any problems

Connect with tutoring, advising, other resources

Find a career path

Make smart financial decisions

Cope with life circumstances


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