Access Program

Beginning in junior or senior year of high school, students visit our offices to begin meeting with a Bottom Line counselor. They share with us their interests, aspirations, academic history, and family circumstances. Through a series of one-on-one meetings, Bottom Line's full-time college counselors help each high school senior navigate the complex and intimidating college application process.

While the services Bottom Line provides differ depending on individual needs, our counselors always help students:

  • create a list of potential schools
  • write essays
  • complete applications
  • apply for financial aid
  • search for scholarships
  • resolve any problems that arise
  • select a suitable college

Our program stands out because of our personalized, one-on-one approach, our thorough understanding of the application process, and our focus on matching students to a school where they can and will be successful. Through our support of students in college, we have gained a unique and invaluable understanding of where students will thrive academically, receive adequate financial aid, and fit into the college culture. With this knowledge, making the right college match is the first step on our students' path to success.

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