Valduvino Goncalves


John D. O'Bryant High School
Northeastern University

Valdy was a hardworking senior at John D. O'Bryant High School with a 3.1 GPA. He learned about Bottom Line through friends who were participating in our College Access Program and came to our offices for help applying to college.

Valdy was determined to pursue a college education as an opportunity for self-improvement and contributing to his community. With help from his Bottom Line counselor Claudine, he created a list of prospective local colleges that would allow him to remain near his mother and the city he grew up in. As a high-achieving student, Valdy applied to competitive colleges such as Tufts University, Harvard University, and Boston College. Because he relied on earnings from a single parent, his mother, and his own job at Target, Valdy was worried about financing his education. Claudine made sure that he applied to affordable state schools such as UMass Boston. He also decided to apply early action to his dream school, Northeastern University.

Valdy was a little disheartened when he was deferred to regular decision at Northeastern, but ecstatic when he was eventually accepted. In order to afford his dream school, Claudine helped him apply for local scholarships such as the Phillips Memorial Scholarship, the Charles Hayden Scholarship, and the Yawkey Scholarship, among others. With $10,000 from the Phillips Memorial Scholarship and $10,000 from the Charles Hayden Scholarship, Valdy was able to begin attending Northeastern in the fall of 2008.

Since beginning school Valdy has worked hard to earn a 3.4 GPA in his classes. He studies Human Services and has a strong conviction about his future plans to become a guidance counselor or principal in the Boston Public Schools. Valdy is eager to graduate in 4 years so that he can pursue a graduate degree in Education at Harvard or Northeastern. In the meantime, Valdy has already made a great impact on his community. In addition to working at Target and refereeing Intramural Basketball Games for his work study job, he has worked as a Lead Supervisor at GOTCHA, a network of six nonprofit organizations in Roxbury and Dorchester that work to enhance the economic power of youth and families. Valdy loves working with kids and also volunteers at Squashbusters. In addition, he is the Vice President of the Cape Verdean Student Association at Northeastern.

Valdy is well on his way and Bottom Line will continue to support him as he pursues his college degree.

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