The following steps will help a student start off college right and succeed on campus.

1) Engage Professors

Much of success in life is just showing up. Students who forge a relationship with professors beyond simply raising a hand in class will be more comfortable seeking help when they need it, and professors will respond accordingly.
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2) Find a Mentor

Be it an upperclassman, alumnus, or local family friend, a trusted insider can provide a student with essential advice and guidance.

3) Be Involved on Campus

Participating in clubs, sports teams, and study groups helps students build a sense of community and better understand a college's unique culture.
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4) Embrace Time Management

Time management and assignment prioritization are critical skills for new college students. Develop a system - use a planner or some form of technology - and live by it. College freshmen cannot afford to miss classes or assignments, which can happen when immersed in a new environment.
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5) Utilize Campus Resources

From roommate problems to academic challenges, colleges offer a myriad of support services on campus. Students should feel comfortable seeking help from various resource offices.

6) Become Financially Savvy

For some, a first year in college is also a first real experience managing money. Prudent decisions help students avoid broader financial challenges, which can cause stress and long-term consequences.
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7) Understand the Fine Print (of Syllabuses)

A syllabus is both a road map for success and a contract between student and professor. Students should read it carefully so that they clearly understand a professor's expectations and grading structure. It also provides a wonderful opening for asking questions, which helps bolster that important relationship with a professor.

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